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How to find good Instagram names?

Add cool keywords that describe your character, niche, hobbies etc.

Try universal keywords like Follow, Show, Live, Real, Pics, Cam, Story, View, Track, Angle, Film, Focus, Shots, Snap, Zoom, Lens, Perspective, Scenes, Images, Camera, Shots, Photos, Buzz, Direct, Planet, Trends etc.

Consider including a dot or an underscore in the name.

Start an Instagram Name Contest and invite your friends to suggest names.

Keep running SpinXO's name spinner, until you find that perfect name!

Name Contests

  • Marc

    YouTube Channel Name

    Haioo!! Aye, I need names for my channel on YouTube... topics of the channel are photo shopping and gaming so umm, yeah! Best one gets a fol..

  • Andres Alberto

    Original Instagram username

    I need a cool and original instagram username, i like the cine, music, serie TV. My personality is very young and I like being surrounded by..

  • Tina


    Any ideas for an instagram name?

  • Karina

    Instagram Username

    help me choose a name for my photography instagram with my friend marilyn

  • Troy

    Instagram photography username

    We are a small group of photographers wanting to post our photos on an Instagram account. Please let me know if you have any creative ideas.