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Tips for Finding Good Instagram Names

  • Add cool keywords that describe your character, niche, hobbies etc.
  • Try universal keywords like Follow, Show, Live, Real, Pics, Cam, Story, View, Track, Angle, Film, Focus, Shots, Snap, Zoom, Lens, Perspective, Scenes, Images, Camera, Shots, Photos, Buzz, Direct, Planet, Trends etc.
  • Consider including a dot or an underscore in the name.
  • Start an Instagram Name Contest and invite your friends to suggest names.
  • Keep running SpinXO's name spinner, until you find that perfect name!

What is SpinXO?

SpinXO helps you generate tons of username ideas with a few mouse clicks. Search name suggestions by simply clicking the Spin button. Click on any name to see, if it's still available on Instagram.

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Name Contests

  • Mia

    Username For Social Media

    I need a username for virtually everything. I need one for YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.. My name is Mia (obviously) a..

  • Victoria

    Novel. Character nicknames

    Hey guys! I'm writing a novel and I was hoping that someone could help out.
    Best nicknames for Dustin or Max, gets a shoutout on Instagr..

  • Haley Rose

    Fan Account Name!

    My friend Arianna and I are creating a Instagram fan account about Dylan Obrein and City of bones! Help us find a good name and you will get..

  • Ronny

    Youtube Twitter skype instagram reddit

    I will give credit, channel will be about pokemon minecraft clash of clans. youtube twitter skype instagram reddit

  • Shelly


    kik: shellydfwu
    instagram: shellydfwu
    Skype: shelyswag101
    snap chat: shellyswag101
    meow chat: shellydfwu