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Tips for Finding Good Instagram Names

  • Add cool keywords that describe your character, niche, hobbies etc.
  • Try universal keywords like Follow, Show, Live, Real, Pics, Cam, Story, View, Track, Angle, Film, Focus, Shots, Snap, Zoom, Lens, Perspective, Scenes, Images, Camera, Shots, Photos, Buzz, Direct, Planet, Trends etc.
  • Consider including a dot or an underscore in the name.
  • Start an Instagram Name Contest and invite your friends to suggest names.
  • Keep running SpinXO's name spinner, until you find that perfect name!

What is SpinXO?

SpinXO helps you generate tons of username ideas with a few mouse clicks. Search name suggestions by simply clicking the Spin button. Click on any name to see, if it's still available on Instagram.

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Name Contests

  • Aicel

    Special Instagram Name

    Hi, my name is aicel jasmine and I need a unique name for my Instagram, been using aiceljasmine for almost when I started my Instagram but o..

  • Gabriella

    Instagram page name

    Give me some names I should use as my Instagram name right now it is @gabbehrenee

  • Dulce

    instagram name

    hi my name is Dulce and I need an instagram name . It has to do with famous

  • Dulce

    instagram name

    Hey, my name is Dulce and I need an instagram name. it has to do with nice person.
    Soo yaa

  • Sophia

    instagram name??

    Hey, my name is Sophia AND I need an instagram name. It has to do with bands!.
    Sooo ya.